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Downsizing too Just Right!

By Karen McHale - April 02, 2021

You can always find stuff to fill up a new house that was larger than your old one. But downsizing is a lot harder to do. You have to go through your life’s treasures and decide what is going and what is staying. Parting with things is never easy.

Most of the time you are only reducing the size of your home by roughly 500 square feet but it feels like thousands of square feet lost. In your mind all your treasures are going to fit in the new house. Just remember that your mind can play tricks on you too!

Moving is always stressful so taking more things to your new house because there might be room is not the best idea. Most people do exactly that though. While you trashed and donated while packing, you will be trashing and donating while unpacking as well. Have fun and enjoy this adventure!



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