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It’s All About the Animals!

By Karen McHale - March 02, 2021

I have found a lot of animal’s a home, luckily, they had human owners to keep up with the details!

I had a couple that had horses and they didn’t even tell me what they wanted for a house, but had a one-page list, with all the requirements for the barn, arena and pasture. They were happy with whatever came with the barn. It was all about what the horses wanted.

I work with the Western Border Collie Rescue and most families have at least one dog, I currently have five. Backyard size and how it is fenced again are more important to some, than what the house has to offer.

Then there was Miss Pippy, the finicky feline that thought she was a border collie, rode in the truck and ran with the dogs. She needed her own space for her cat condo, food bowls, litter box and quiet time. She really didn’t care about what the humans needed. Luckily, I was able to find a home for her human companions that included an entire bedroom just for her.

Most people think it is about 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a 2-car garage. It is really about everything else that comes with the house and what the other family members require. Don’t get me started on the chickens I had to find a coop for.



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