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It’s All About the FORMS!

By Karen McHale - April 15, 2021

Happy tax day and since they moved it to May 16th this year you get to experience two tax days! Aren't we the lucky ones. While filling out my taxes I realized that tax returns and real estate forms are very similar. Did you remember to put all the correct information in there? Did everyone sign? Did you mail it in time? Real estate is just like taxes and it’s all about the forms. It is all about risk. How much are you willing to take?

Selling or buying a home is a legal and financial transaction. All the forms that you have to sign are there because the State you live in requires them. Can you sell your home by yourself, yes. The required documents are available at the real estate website for your State.

What really is my job when helping you then? It is to make sure the forms are filled out correctly, all time sensitive forms are processed, and deadlines are met. I also spend a lot of time finding you’re the right house. Not what you think you want but what you really want. When selling, I make your house the gem in your neighborhood and price range, it is my top priority.

Residential buyers/seller and investors have it easy. The forms are online and have been approved by attorneys and the State. Commercial and private deals on the other hand, have to go through an attorney and require Letters of Intent and property specific contracts. This is very time consuming and can drag on forever.

So, you are thinking, wait you just said it was easy for a residential transaction and the forms are already approved and I’m good to go! I don’t need an agent! You are correct.

How much are you willing to risk?

Your down payment?

Your house?

The purchase price of your house?

So, let’s say I find you a house and you purchase it for $300,000. I can get you your $300,000 back and you keep the house. The seller loses his house and the money from the sale. It’s all about the forms. I know you are thinking again, that can’t happen. I can’t make this stuff up, I could write a book.

It all comes down to protecting yourself as the buyer or seller from getting sued by the other party. Paying a real estate agent commission is still cheaper than paying a lawyer!



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