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The Number One Room - Garage or Kitchen?

By Karen McHale - February 16, 2021

Today we are going to have a test! It is easy, continue……

So, which to do think is the number one room in the house that people are the most interested in? Is it the kitchen or the garage? Take a moment, think it through and your answer is?

The garage! I know you are saying is the garage really a room? It is.

Most people enter a home through the front door and while some may go right to the kitchen or out the back door to check out the yard/pool, everyone looks at the garage.

Will your cars, trucks and toys fit in the space provided? Most people put up shelves for storage, have a refrigerator or freezer in there or it is a workshop or just a place to hang out. Due to COVID some garages have now become offices and school rooms.

This room is the most versatile and always used for something. There are people that don’t cook, others that don’t care if there is a deck or fire pit in the back, but they always use the garage!



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