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There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Home!

By Karen McHale - February 01, 2021

When looking for a home you do want it to be perfect. But even a new custom-built home may have some kinks to work out. Most newly built homes do not have finished back yards, may be missing a fence and may have punch list items inside to be finished.

Resale homes have been lived in and do have wear, tear and age on their side. New paint and carpet are almost always needed. Some windows might not open perfectly or there could be a screen missing. Home inspections are now a very common thing to have done when purchasing a resale home. The point of the inspections to verify that the mechanical/electrical systems are in working order. The inspector also looks to makes sure that safety equipment like smoke detectors meet the current codes. Any repairs that need to be made can either be done by the homeowner or negotiated through the final pricing.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture, purchasing a home, bcause something didn’t get fixed. There will always be something that needs to be fixed or replaced. Take the house and make it yours!



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