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The Housing Market is Out of Control!

By Karen McHale - May 15, 2021
If you are thinking of buying a home and you have saved for the down payment and closing costs, now is NOT the time for you to buy! Why? Because homes are selling for over list and the appraised price by $10k, $20k or even $80k. This type of market is not a good deal for a buyer. You are paying more for a house than it is worth, and this difference must be paid for in cash. You are upside down i

It’s All About the FORMS!

By Karen McHale - April 15, 2021
Happy tax day and since they moved it to May 16th this year you get to experience two tax days! Aren't we the lucky ones. While filling out my taxes I realized that tax returns and real estate forms are very similar. Did you remember to put all the correct information in there? Did everyone sign? Did you mail it in time? Real estate is just like taxes and it’s all about the forms. It i

Downsizing too Just Right!

By Karen McHale - April 02, 2021
You can always find stuff to fill up a new house that was larger than your old one. But downsizing is a lot harder to do. You have to go through your life’s treasures and decide what is going and what is staying. Parting with things is never easy. Most of the time you are only reducing the size of your home by roughly 500 square feet but it feels like thousands of square feet lost. In you

Frustrating Home Search & Baby #4

By Karen McHale - March 17, 2021
One of my favorite deals was with a young couple that had 3 kids and one on the way. When we started looking for homes, we had 3 months before the baby was due. It was a lot of fun looking at homes and the kids would pick out their bedrooms and check out the backyard to make sure there was room to play. We looked and looked and looked. We just were not finding the perfect house, or we would find

It’s All About the Animals!

By Karen McHale - March 02, 2021
I have found a lot of animal’s a home, luckily, they had human owners to keep up with the details! I had a couple that had horses and they didn’t even tell me what they wanted for a house, but had a one-page list, with all the requirements for the barn, arena and pasture. They were happy with whatever came with the barn. It was all about what the horses wanted. I work with the West

The Number One Room - Garage or Kitchen?

By Karen McHale - February 16, 2021
Today we are going to have a test! It is easy, continue…… So, which to do think is the number one room in the house that people are the most interested in? Is it the kitchen or the garage? Take a moment, think it through and your answer is? The garage! I know you are saying is the garage really a room? It is. Most people enter a home through the front door and while some may go

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Home!

By Karen McHale - February 01, 2021
When looking for a home you do want it to be perfect. But even a new custom-built home may have some kinks to work out. Most newly built homes do not have finished back yards, may be missing a fence and may have punch list items inside to be finished. Resale homes have been lived in and do have wear, tear and age on their side. New paint and carpet are almost always needed. Some windows might n

Six Super Selling Tips

By Karen McHale - January 06, 2021
When selling your home, you need to make it the gem in the market that buyers can’t wait to see, experience and put an offer on. You need to sell your home from the buyers perspective not your perspective!   Super Selling Tip # 1 – Yes You Do Need an Agent! Let’s talk about the most controversial topic in selling your home first, the real estate agent. Maybe you don



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